Kiss the Cook:Part Three


by Kracken

Thirty Second Gundam Wing


Kiss the Cook sequel:

Trowa Style

"Quatre had to work? How convenient." Duo grumbled sarcastically as he took a sip from the unusually large glass of ice water that Trowa had given to everyone.

Trowa smiled and shrugged as he ladled their meal into their small bowls and arranged slices of toast next to it on their smaller plates.
Wu Fie sniffed suspiciously and then looked surprised. "While it appears to be dark and unappetizing, it smells appealing."

Duo made a face. "It looks like the sluge that I used to empty out of my Gundam gyro casing."

Heero spooned his around, frowning.

"Come on, Heero," Duo urged. "Take a bite. You always say, 'I'll try anything once.' Go for it."

"You want me dead, don't you?" Heero complained with a sour look.

"Only when you make me wash your gym clothes, after you've forgotten them in your locker for two weeks,"' Duo retorted.

Trowa sat at the table, across from them, and smiled. "It's perfectly safe, I assure you."

Duo glared. "It's called?"

Trowa ducked his head as he picked up his spoon, hiding behind his bang. "Re-entry."

Duo opened his mouth to make a crude joke, but Heero elbowed him sharply. Duo grunted and muttered, "Well, it is brown... and ...okay, okay!" He relented at Heero's disapproving look.

Wu Fei grimaced. "Maxwell, don't make this even more difficult."

"It's not difficult, it's food, so somebody eat the damned thing, already!" Duo urged impatiently.

"You first," Heero retorted.

"Me first," Trowa chuckled. He picked up a slice of toast and spooned some of the thick soup onto it. He then took a bite with obvious relish.

Duo was still suspicious, but Wu Fei wasn't going to allow any charges of cowardice. He followed Trowa's example. There was a definite tightening of his jaw and a widening of his eyes, but he manfully swallowed and then drank his water.

"Well?" Duo prompted sharply when Wu Fei seemed unwilling to talk.

Wu Fei wiped at his eyes with his napkin and replied, "Try it. I doubt that it's lethal."

"Like hell..." Duo began to reply, but Heero was already taking a bite of his. His dive for his water glass was almost immediate. He chugged it with desperation.

"Heero?" Duo exclaimed, worried, but Heero held up a hand to signal that he was all right and managed to choke out, "Spicy!"

"Quatre hates spicy food," Trowa told them. "I always enjoy a chance to cook it."

"Re-entry," Duo snorted. "I get it now. It's hotter than re-entry." When Trowa nodded and then looked at him expectantly, Duo shook his head and said, "Nu-ah! I'm not touching it."

"Maxwell!" Wu Fei growled. "Part of the contest is that everyone must try the dish."

"Can't," Duo grinned as he shoved the bowl away from him. "I'm allergic to spicy."

"He's right," Heero said after another long drink of water. "It makes him turn red and swell."

"An unpleasant mental image," Wu Fei said with a look of distaste.

"It's not much prettier in person," Heero replied with a shudder.

"Hey!" Duo snarled. "You're talking about something out of my control here!"

Heero gave him an apologetic nudge with his shoulder. "Sorry, love."

Mollified, Duo motioned to Trowa, who was still calmly eating his meal and enjoying their reactions far too much. "So, yeah, it's hotter than hell, but how does it taste?"

Heero spooned his soup and then lifted the spoon, so that it dribbled back into the bowl in lumpy, greasy, plops. "Terrible," was his firm verdict.

"Very bad," Wu Fei agreed. "I think your discharge from a Gundam gyro box was rather apt, Maxwell."

Trowa snorted. "It's was a very popular dish."

"For who?" Duo demanded suspiciously.

Trowa chuckled and then replied, "Among Oz interrogators. They would feed it to their prisoners... and then not give them any water. I enjoyed it thoroughly, however, much to my interrogator's displeasure. The jalapeno toast was my addition, though."

"You are a sick, sick man, Trowa," Duo marveled.

"Agreed," Both Heero and Wu Fei said in unison as they pushed their food away from them.

Trowa laughed and finished his meal.




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