About her Fics: Well worth reading, but many seem unfinished? or have abrupt endings. Perhaps googling you may find other parts. Extreme violence warning.


Too Many Angels


Summary: Duo finds that an ex Oz soldier is part of his team, an Oz soldier that had stood by, and done nothing, while he had been beaten nearly to death while a prisoner.When the man tries to make amends, they begin a complicated relationship, that soon becomes more about Duo's inability to let go of the past, than his anger at an Oz soldier.
Pairing: OC X2XOC, eventual 6x2.- Rating: NC-17 - .
Warning:,violence, psychological angst, OC suicide,mention of past NCS,graphic sex scenes,language.

Kracken note:This story is extremely well done.Even though it is a Duo x OC and has OC suicide, it was well worth reading for me.