Line of Sight

by Kracken

Disclaimer: Don't on them. Don't make any money off of this.
"You're looking again, Yuy"

"Just checking, Chang. That's my job."

"Since when?"

"I'm team leader. Safety is my prime concern."

"Peters just fell flat on his face in that mud pit because you didn't check his harness, Yuy, and he had it buckled wrong. I noticed that you checked Maxwell's... thoroughly. I sense something very strong."



"All right. So.... Do you have a problem with this?"

"With fraternization among Preventer captains of unequal rank, yes."

"We're only unequal during this qualification exercise and you know exactly what I meant, Chang."


"What's that look all about?"

"Trying to imagine you and Maxwell engaging in relationship pleasantries. An image failed to appear. Are you certain this isn't some sort of hormonal response to close proximity-"

"Yes, I'm sure."

"You've kept your sexuality a mystery, Yuy. You can't deny me a feeling of... surprise.... no... incredulity... "

"Duo doesn't give you that sense of incredulity?"

"I'm never surprised by anything he does, Yuy. He is a loose cannon in all aspects of his life."


"You want to ask a question, Yuy, or are you constipated?"

"Do you know Duo's.... interests?"

"You don't?"


"Well, I imagine he shares the same interests, since he allowed you to tighten the crotch of his climbing harness for a rather longer than normal time and wore a pleased grin on his face that you were unaware of."

" O_O'"

"Where are you going, Yuy?"

"Duo.... his boot lace.... it's untied... He could trip... fall... I need to correct the situation."

"Of course..... idiot...."

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