Kiss the Cook:Part Four


by Kracken

Thirty Second Gundam Wing

Sequel to Kiss the Cook

Heero Yuy Special

"This doesn't count," Wu Fei growled as he poked a finger at his sandwich.

"It does so!" Duo retorted as he arranged his own sandwich in front of him with gleeful anticipation.

"Duo," Quatre said as he looked to Trowa for support, "This isn't a dish, it's a..."

"Peanut butter and jelly sandwich," Wu Fei finished for him sourly. "It doesn't take any culinary skill, whatsoever, to make one."

"Well...," Trowa began and then found everyone looking at him. He ducked behind his bang as he shrugged. "It can be. It depends on how he made them."

Everyone looked at Duo now. "Uhm..." Duo hedged, "It's not made with gourmet ingredients, if that's what you mean. It's just pb&j on white bread. It's... how he makes them that makes them good."

"And how does he make them?" Wu Fei wanted to know, warily looking at his sandwich as if it might contain an unexpected surprise.

Duo smiled as he picked up his sandwich in both hands and held it poised. "Perfect. He makes them perfect. Just try it."

Heero came into the small dinning room with a tray full of glasses of milk. He nervously handed them out and then sat down in front of his own meal. He looked at them all uncertainly. "No one's eating?"

Duo bumped him with a shoulder. "Just waiting for you, love."

Heero smiled then and picked up his own sandwich, his uncertainty returned. "I know it's not much..."

"It's fine," Duo cut him short. "It's your specialty."

Heero looked reassured and then they all tried their sandwiches.

After chasing their first bites down with their milk, Quatre exclaimed in surprise, "This is really good, Heero!"

Heero smiled, pleased. "I never learned to cook. I've always eaten MREs. Duo taught me how to make PB&J."

"It is good," Wu Fei finally admitted as he dabbed at his mouth with his napkin.

"Why does it taste better than it should?" Trowa wanted to know.

"He uses just the right chemistry," Duo told them after swallowing another bite. "Human taste buds and... what do you call 'em? olfactory senses, respond to..." He faltered and then grinned and shrugged, "He puts on just the right amounts of everything so that your brain goes, WOW!"

Quatre chuckled, "So Heero approached the creation of a PB&J as if it were a chemistry experiment?"

Duo laughed. "Well, he took me a bit too seriously when I told him to make me a good one. He had to work out how PB&J reacts to my taste buds."

Heero blushed. "It worked, though."

"Yeah, it worked," Duo agreed and hooked an arm around Heero's neck in a hug as he took another bite.

"So, is it a dish, gentlemen?" Quatre wanted to know.

"Yesth mfit issmm," Duo managed around his mouthful.

"Yes," Trowa agreed easily.

"No," Wu Fei growled and then when they frowned at him. "It is a contest! I will not show favoritism because he is my friend!"

"Honorable," Heero sighed, but still managed to smile.

Wu Fei gave him a small bow.

"Quatre?" Duo prompted, after swallowing more milk.

Quatre seemed to be balancing his sandwich in his hands for a moment and then he said, "Dish. This is very, very good."

"You're out voted, Fei!" Duo crowed happily. "Say hello to the Heero Yuy special."





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