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Web of Betrayal:

YAOI - While trying to help free his friend, Trowa discovers a web of betrayal that ensnared Duo, much to his detrement.

Pairings: 1x2, 3x4
Warnings: yaoi, angst,rape, Duo abuse





Tangled in the Web:

Continuation of Web of Betrayal

Having physically healed from the injuries he'd acquired in the penal colony, Duo still struggles to over come his overwhelming fears. Unfortunately, he and Heero are about to find out that not all his fears are unfounded.

Pairings: 1x2,3x4

Warnings: yaoi, angst,NCS, Duo abuse






Complete. Yaoi - Two boys, conscripted into one of the government's youth training facilities, become the focus of curiosity because of the unusual order that came with them, their backgrounds and close attachement to each other.





The Call

After an abrupt and painful breakup, Heero left everything and everyone behind to start a new life for himself. Three years later he has a new life. Known as Odin Yuy, he enjoys a challenging job, plenty of money and a no strings attached relationship with a beautiful, successful lawyer. He never expected one phone call to change everything.


Dark Cloud Rising


Yaoi, AU, fantasy. Eventual 2x1x2 A young boy labeled as a dark cloud, an object of superstition and charity, rises unexpectedly from his lowly state.




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