Dreams of You

by Kracken

Thirty second Gundam Wing.

I Don't own them and don't make any money off of them. Warning: Male/Male sex, language, sexual descriptions and situations.

Thirty Second Gundam Wing


Dreams of You

I came to talk to Heero, to ask him why he went away. I didn't expect the door to swing open and for Duo to be there. He was naked to the waist, his jeans loose and a plaid shirt tied around his hips. A cross on a gold chain hung on his breast, a plain thing and small,but large enough for him to hold and worry at as he stared at me in surprise.

Energy, leashed power, a cat... an alley cat, I thought, all lean and tanned, his nipples a brown color. He had a tribal tattoo covering an upper arm and something more childish and simple tattooed near his naval. 'All for One'. He was scarred, a veteran of the wars, a professional killer facing me with puzzled purple eyes.

"Relena?" he tried and then looked up and down the empty hallway. The apartment was in a lower income neighborhood, not bad, but old and definitely showing it.I must have looked strange there in my expensive business suit and with my carefully manicured appearance.

"Heero," I managed. "Is he at home?"

I tried to square my memory of this young man with the past, with a boy in priest's clothing who had saved me one night. His expression looked more hardened, the smile toned down with maturity. I wondered what had happened to him between then and now, to put that crease between his brows and that downward frown line by his lips.

"No," Duo replied, hand still worrying the cross. I noticed a finger missing on it, and a ragged scar along the back. I also noticed a ring, simple as the cross, a band of gold that was worn and scratched, as if he had owned it a long while. "He goes to the gym down the street." Again that look up and down the hallway. "You might go see him there," he suggested dubiously, but then,"It's kind of a rough place, though.I can go along."

No privacy. No place to ask Heero why. I had come there because I was lonely, because the past, and the memory of a rough haired, blue eyed boy, had seemed a better time than now, than living as a bureaucrat surrounded by politicians and schedules and men who wanted to be with me for their own advantage.

I could feel the warmth from the small apartment, seeping from behind Duo, could see its simple comfort. This was where Heero lived. There was a small table in a small kitchen,a coke and a half eaten sandwich on a plate there. An overstuffed, green couch dominated the living room, a basketball and a dirty sock at its foot. On a side table, there was a framed photo. I could see two figures there, made indistinct by distance, but I suddenly didn't have to see it to know who they were and what it meant... for me... for Duo... for Heero.

"You see how it is?" Duo asked. I must have gone pale, my eyes glassy with unshed tears. He knew that I knew now.

"Yes," I replied, barely a whisper.That was the end of little girl dreams. I couldn't make my war hero into what had always been a fantasy to begin with.

"He wants peace," Duo told me, that scarred hand raking through his rough cut bangs, his expression one of sympathy and some agitation. "He doesn't need the past to come knocking. He's paid enough to get this. Don't ask him to pay anymore. Don't ask us to pay. He's happy now."

Us. Such a small word to mean so much. I nodded and said softly, "I'm sorry... and foolish." I even gave him a small bow, respect and profound embarrassment."Please, don't tell him that I came. You're right... he deserves his peace."

Duo reached out a hand and took my arm. He gave it a small squeeze, as if I needed some of his strength. I suppose that I did. He was a kind man, a man with a large heart who could find it in himself not to be angry with me. I was comforted by that, more than his touch. Heero was in good hands, caring hands.

I gave another small, embarrassed bow, and then said nothing of any consequence, only face saving nonsense, that did nothing, really, to make the situation any better. When he finally closed the door, shutting me out of that life of theirs, I felt a part of my life closing as well. I couldn't rely on Heero to save me. I had to live with reality, with what I had. It was up to me to change it, to find someone like Duo, who could take me in and make me happy.



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