Drabble 1)

"So, when did you decide that he was more to you than a loud mouthed pilot?" Wu Fei asked.

Heero smiled and replied, "I was standing behind him. He was wearing one of those skin tight, white, body suits, that go under a space suit. He reached back, tugged out material on both sides of his hips, to get rid of any wrinkles, before vacuum. For a split second, I saw the material tight against his perfectly rounded ass, and what was between his legs. He had me, then and there."

Duo snickered. "Who knew that getting rid of a wedgie would change our lives?"

Drabble 2)

"Sorry... really... I am so, sorry, Duo."

"Get me more ice for my nose, Heero, and take some kissing lessons. I feel like I was clocked by a shuttle transport."

"Only if...."

"Only if, what?"

"Only if you're the one who gives me the lessons."

"That's blackmail, Yuy.... but a good kind of blackmail."

Drabble 3)

"Trowa gave you a dozen yellow roses?"

"Yes, Duo, wasn't that romantic?"

"Red's romantic, Quatre. Yellow is just gay."

"We are gay, Duo."


"What did Heero get you?"

"A life time room mate with perks."

"That's open of him. Who's the lucky guy?"

"Hah, ha, very funny."

"I thought so."

Drabble 4)

"Does Heero spend any time with me, Duo?"

"Yes, Relena, all of the time."

"Outside of his job?"

"Hmm... well... I suppose not..."

"Who does he spend all of his off time with?"

"His gun."

"Beside that?"

"His black sports car."

"Duo! Besides those?"

"Uh... Me. That doesn't prove anything, though."

"No? Who else does he let drive his black sports car, except for you?"

"Uhm... nobody, if they want to live."

"Handle his gun, except for you?"

"That would be nobody... definitely."

"Then, Duo Maxell, would you please get your head out of your ass, and realize that he loves you, and not me?"

"Did you just say ass?"




I suppose that I'm dense... more than dense... my head is Gundanium... solid... uncompromising... totally focused on the goal of becoming the best Preventer agent, the world will ever know. There's no understanding as to why I considered Duo Maxwell an annoying, grinning, ever talking, source of peripheral annoyance. Ever see a fly, buzzing around a bull's head? The bull keeps his head down, flicks his tail, and completely ignores it.... until it bites him in the ass. Duo's prorverbial bite in my ass, was just as startling.

We were both in Records, sifting through file folders, each of us trying to find the information that we needed, and both of us, probably, wondering why paper was still an option for record keeping in our day and age. Duo was talking, but I was determinedly shutting the sound out, as I concentrated on the arm load of files that I held, trying to determine whether I had everything, before I made the long trek back to my Preventer desk. When one of Duo's files tumbled from a tall shelf, onto the floor, I heard him curse, just as my eyes flicked up from my task.

Duo had been reaching high, to get to a box near the top shelf. Arm outstretched, fingers grasping, his uniform had hiked upwards, to reveal a long, lean line of waist, a soft curve of a hip bone, and just a hint of the crack of his ass where it met the drooping waistline of his pants.

"This is crazy!" Duo was muttering as he ignored the fallen file and continued to fish for the box that he wanted. "All of this should be in the computer! Don't you think so, Heero?"

My name warned me, too late, as he craned his head to look at me, long braid swinging back and forth across that tantalizing curve of ass. There wasn't any mistaking where my wide, glazed eyes, were looking.

Duo blushed. I blushed. My world widened to include him in a way that I had never considered before. Why had I never noticed how damn handsome, how damned sexy, he had become?

"Uhm... Heero?" Duo forgot about his file, his waist disappearing as he stopped reaching and turned to me, eyes wide.

"I feel... stupid," I managed.

Duo grinned, relaxing and cocking his head at me. He said, "No, not stupid, just... overly dedicated. It's about time that you noticed the big, wide world around you... and the crack of my ass."

He laughed, easy and good natured, and not wanting to assume anything, though his eyes were asking questions. I could take his words for a joke, or take them more seriously. He was leaving the ball in my court.

"I think that I would like..." I battled a deeper blush, and a tongue that had suddenly decided to stumble, and finished, "to notice you a lot more.... not just your ass crack."

Duo laughed again, slung an arm over my shoulders, and gave me a hard hug. "Okay, that's good to go with me. First, though, use those few extra inches to get me that box of files, would you? I think I want to do my own staring."





"Two bucks, says you won't," Trowa said as he sifted through file folders on Duo's desk.

Duo was watching Heero Yuy, across the room, steadily, hands flexing on the edge of his desk as he considered the dare.

"Only two? You must not be very sure," Duo taunted.

"I'm very sure," Trowa retorted, as he fished into his pocket and brought out a twenty. He slapped it onto the desk. "There is no way, that you will drop your pants in front of Heero."

Duo added his own twenty, on top of Trowa's, and then grinned. "You're out twenty bucks, my man."

Trowa glared. "You talk big, Maxwell, but you'll be the one out forty bucks."

Duo snickered, "Forty? Oh, yeah. Well, I never thought that you'd wear sheer, pink spandex to work, that's for sure. You can't blame me for losing that one."

"You're still talking, Duo," Trowa taunted. "Time for some action. You have to the count of five, or the money is mine."

"Five? Wait a minute!" Duo stuttered in a panic.

"One....two... three... four..."

"Okay! Okay! I'm going!" Duo growled and then stood up.

As Trowa watched him cross the room, Duo tried, wildly, to think of a reason to drop his pants in front of Heero. He discarded line after line, but then settled on, "Heero, mind looking at this scar? It itches funny and I can't see it."

Duo undid his belt buckle, turned away from Heero, and pulled down pants and underwear with a blush traveling all the way up to his hairline.

There was dead silence. Duo felt nervous sweat trickle down by his ear, and then Heero said, unsteadily, "It's looks... all right... more than all right."

Startled, Duo twisted his body to look at Heero's hot, flushed face and wide eyes. Those blue eyes came up to meet his own. There was definite desire there.

Duo yanked up his pants as he turned to face Heero. As he did up his belt buckle, the dare was suddenly not important at all. "I didn't know," he managed.

Heero looked at a loss, not sure of himself.

"Maybe we should, uh, talk about this later, after work?" Duo suggested.

Heero nodded, blushed deeper, and then hid his desire and nervousness behind a file folder.

Duo went back to Trowa and sat down, in a half daze. Trowa said sourly, "You are one crazy, man, Duo. You've earned the money."

"Keep it," Duo mumbled as he stared across the room at Heero.

"What?" Trowa exclaimed in disbelief.

"Keep it as thanks. I just learned something that I didn't know before," Duo explained. "That's worth a hell of a lot more than twenty bucks."





"Who the hell is that?!"

"Don't know, but they must be trying to commit suicide."

"He's going to burn in re-entry, for sure."

"In a stolen shuttle, no less. They just got an ID. It matches the numbers on a shuttle stolen from L3."

"Well, if he doesn't burn up, he's going to jail. Get the force ready to move in."

"Will do."


"No pilot."

"What the hell? Was the shuttle on autopilot?"

"For a hot landing like that? No, of course not. The tires were burned up coming down that hot and fast. The pilot skidded on metal the last yards. That takes damned excellent pilot skills."

"So, you're telling me, that, who ever he was, jumped out of a flaming, stolen shuttle, on a torn up runway, in front of all of our ground crew, undetected, and went... where?"

"Got me."

"Captain! We have a report of a stolen chopper!"

"What the fuck is going on?!"

"I'm stumped."

"ID that chopper! I want this criminal apprehended right now!"



"It's down... where?"

"Down town, city square. It landed on a rooftop of a high rise."

"Son of a bitch! Any casualties?"

"None, sir."

"The pilot? No, let me guess... You followed him to that exact spot, he put the chopper down, on a totally exposed rooftop, and you lost him?"

"Uh, yes, sir."

"I want that pilot in jail for the rest of his life. As for you, and your men, you can all hand in your badges if you don't FIND HIM!"

"Stolen vehicle, sir."

"Did you ID it?"

"Yes, sir."

"Are you tracking it?"

"No, sir."

"I have a migraine, suddenly. Do I get an explanation as to why not?"

"Unable to locate, sir."

"That's an explanation?"

"The only one I'm able to give, sir."

"Do something for me, please?"

"Yes, sir?"


"Call security!"


"An armed man, in Preventer fatigues, demanded the room number of a patient in ICU and then refused to listen when we told him that he couldn't go in there."

"But... he's Preventers. Maybe there's a reason?"

"You didn't see his eyes. He looked like he hadn't slept in days and he was... determined, wild, ready to shoot, I think, if we had gotten in his way. Scared the piss out of me, I can tell you!"

"Who did he ask for?"

"Duo Maxwell, another Preventer agent, the one who came in with multiple gunshot wounds."

"Ah... Well, we won't be calling security, then."

"Why not?!"

"That wild man was Heero Yuy."

"THE Heero Yuy? The Gundam pilot who saved the Earth?"

"That's him. I think that we all can both agree, that we owe him a great deal, surely enough to allow him to lose his mind, a little, when his lover almost dies on a mission."

"A little? Doctor Po, he shot open the security door when the nurses tried to lock him out of ICU."

"I'll talk to him... later. Let him alone, for now."

"Yes, doctor."


"It's me, Duo. Are you... all right, love?"


"I came as fast as I could."

"But... you were on... L3?"



"I'll tell you later."

"Why do I think... that I'm... going to be... mad... when you... tell me?"

"You can be angry, all that you like. Just get better, love."

"You're here... Of c'rse, I'll... get better, H'ro."

"That's why I came, love."

How It Looks

1x2 drabble

"Well, why wouldn't people think that?"

"Because it's crazy!" Duo snarled. Hilde put a hand on his arm to keep him in his chair. His purple eyes were molten fire as he told agent Starnes,"If you have proof, then lay it out, otherwise, shut your hole!"

Starnes glanced around them, at the other agents in the commissary, watching the loud exchange. He firmed his resolve, despite the man he was facing and his reputation. "You're Yuy's partner, but that's against regulations. Couples, of any kind, aren't allowed to work together. My proof, that you two are a couple, is the fact that you freakin' live together, drive to work together, have lunch together, go to every Preventer function together, take vacations together, sometimes accidentally wear each others clothes, and, lastly, eat off each others damn plates."

Heero paused in the act of forking some potato salad from Duo's lunch plate. He had seemed amused, at first, in stark contrast to Duo's anger, but now he swallowed uncomfortably and put down his fork. "We've been friends since the war, that's all it is, Starnes."

"He's hot for Relena!" Duo joined in, furiously, "I'm with Hilde! See?" He held up her hand, despite the fact that she looked ready to sink under the table in embarrassment. "That's an engagement ring! That serious enough heterosexuality for you? heero and me are not gay! We are not a couple!"

Starnes was suddenly unsure of his ground. He grunted, finally, and said, "Well, it looks like it, is all I'm saying."

"Well, don't!" Duo snarled. "And get the hell out of here!"

Starnes beat a hasty retreat as Hilde hissed, "Great! Now everyone thinks we're getting married!"

Heero frowned and held out his hand under the table. "Can I have my wedding ring back,now, please?"

Hilde pulled it off and handed it back as she grumbled, "I don't see why the hell you two want to be so secretive about your relationship!"

"Don't ask, don't tell," Duo quipped. "We want to keep working together, the soon to be Mrs. Maxwell."

"Eat shit, Duo! This is as far as it goes. I'm not pretending to marry you," Hilde retorted.

"Think Relena will let me marry her, then?" Duo asked Heero plaintively.

"Over my dead body," Heero growled.

"Work with me, here, Mr. Yuy-Maxwell," Duo begged.

"I intend to, but I'm not going THAT far to cover this up, Mr. Maxwell-Yuy."

Hilde made en exasperated noise. "You still can't even decide about the name! You two are impossible!"

"Which is why we're together... and why we work together," Duo said as he grinned at Heero and was given a soft smile in return. "Nobody else can stand us."



1x2 drabble

"Duo, position?"
"Don't know, Heero. It's too confusing."
"Stay in contact, Duo. I might be able to talk you through it."
"I doubt it. Do you even know your position?"
" -_-'"
"At least you have the supplies, Heero."
"Fading fast."
"Hold on, baby, I'll find you, somehow."
"There's too many people, Heero... too many ways to go. Who the hell thought up this rat maze? He must have been an A-1 Oz psycho. Damn! This is the third time I've ended up at the same place!"
"Describe your location, Duo?"
"Paper towels... detergents. Yours?"
"Shoes, kitchen goods."
"In the same place?"
"Oddly, yes. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to their layout."
(Would the two lost Gundam pilots, please report to the front of the Walmart.)
"Hey, Heero! That sounded like Hilde!"
"It did.... Where's the front of the store?"
"Hmmm..... I don't know... maybe if we follow the wall around?"
"Good idea... Where's the wall?"

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