Chocolate Bunnies

by Kracken


A bit of 1x2, 3x4

Chocolate Bunnies

" He'll be okay."

"Why do you think that, Quatre?"

"Because, Trowa, I KNOW!"

"How do you know?"

"It's obvious."

"Obvious? Heero has something brown, pink, and blue smeared all over the back of his flight suit, and he's running after Duo with his gun out."

"He's not really mad, Trowa."

"He's red in the face and yelling."

"Not mad."

"He's yelling, I'll kill you!"

"NOT mad, Trowa. Trust me."

"Duo does run fast..."

"He's not trying to get away."

"You are seriously delusional, Quatre. I think Duo should join the Olympics. I've never seen someone run that fast."

"He's not running anywhere, though."

"He is circling the Preventer gym for the third time... Maybe he just doesn't know where to hide?"

"Just wait. You'll see, Trowa. Everything will be all-"

"That was a hard tackle, Quatre... on gravel. Maybe we should get down there..."

"They do play rough."

"Duo is going to have a serious case of road rash. Hey! Where did he have that knife hidden, anyway?"

"His hair?"

"I think we should stop watching them from the observation tower, Quatre, and keep them from killing each other."

"Maybe... No, I know everything's going to be all right."

Duo is on his back, Quatre, with a knife at Heero's throat. Heero is straddling him, with a gun in his hand and Duo's braid twisted in his fist. I think it's time for you to drop the fantasy and get therapy, after we stop them."

"Good one, Heero."

"What was that? Heero just rubbed his butt all over Duo's chest. They're... They're laughing."

"Duo told me that he was going to put a chocolate Easter bunny in the seat of Heero's jump ship as a surprise; a chocolate, pink, and blue Easter bunny. I don't think that he realized that it was going to be such a hot day or that Heero wouldn't actually look before he sat down..."

"They're kissing. All right, I was wrong to question you, Quatre. Sorry."

"That's all right. I wasn't REALLY sure that it would work out. I was trusting in their love for one another."

"And not taking into account that we're all a bunch of crazy soldiers?"

"Crazy for each other?"
" Crazy for you, Quatre."

"Yes, crazy for you , Trowa. Happy Easter."

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