Kiss the Cook:Part Two


by Kracken

Thirty Second Gundam Wing

Sequel to Kiss the Cook

Chef Fei


"This is really good, Chang," Heero murmured around a forkful of noodles.

"Yeah," Duo managed around his mouthful. "I didn't think that you had it in you. When you invited us over for dinner, I checked to see if hell had frozen over, or it was snowing in July, or -"

"Maxwell," Wu Fei growled and then sniffed in annoyance and glared at them across the table with his dark eyes."Cooking is for Onnas."

"So you've always maintained," Heero replied in confusion, "Which is why this meal is a such a pleasant surprise."

"Noodles, pork, these little wonton things..." Duo hummed happily over another mouthful. "Really great!"

Wu Fei replied in an affronted tone of voice, "Something as simple as cooking cannot defeat my skills."

"And you didn't want to be left out of our cooking contest," Duo snickered. "You are so damned competitive, Chang."

Wu Fei smiled slightly and gave a small bow. "It will be interesting to see your dish, Maxwell. What will it contain, I wonder? Stewed MRE's?"

Heero grunted. "I've wondered about that myself."

Duo smirked, refusing to get offended. "You'll have to wait. Trowa is next, then Heero."

"The best for last?" Wu Fei wanted to know with some sarcasm, his eyebrow rising curiously.

"Maybe," Duo replied with a grin, "But at least it won't be take out, like yours. Isn't that dishonorable, or something, Chang?"

Heero spluttered over a mouthful of food, choking on laughter as Wu Fei reddened and replied arrogantly. "Cooking is for Onnas!"

Duo made a sound like a buzzer and then said, "Disqualified, Chang. You can only reclaim your honor by making a desert, right now, with your own two hands."

Wu Fei stood up stiffly, glared at them both, and then turned abruptly to go into his kitchen.

Heero and Duo finished their meal before he reappeared with a simple dish.

"It looks like rice," Duo snorted. "I said desert."

Wu Fei dished some onto their plates impatiently. "Eat," he commanded.

"Okay it's not rice," Duo said, picking at his share cautiously, "but it looks like you overcooked it, whatever it is. Is it pasta of some sort?"

"Eat it," Wu Fei commanded again.

Heero took a cautious bite and then smiled. "This isn't bad."

Duo took a bite as well. "Sweet," he said as he chewed and swallowed. "Sticky, strange, but not too bad."

Wu Fei tried to hide his pleased expression, but failed.

"Where did, 'Only onnas cook' Chang Wu Fei, learn to cook this?" Duo wanted to know.

Wu Fei blushed slightly as he sat down and dished some of the desert onto his own plate. "Sally... she... I watched her make it."

Heero and Duo exchanged a glance and then Duo grinned, saying, "It seems some onnas are better than others."

Wu Fei blushed even more and concentrated on his food. "That one is, yes. Now eat your damned food, Maxwell."

"Sure thing, Chef Chang," Duo snickered.

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