Black as Soot




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Birthday request for Angel Heero and Devil Duo fic...

Black as Soot

It was a sin. He had caught sight of indigo eyes during a battle; sharp, intelligent, almost glowing with delight between the flashes of a scythe in the thickest part of the melee. Fearless and fierce, the grin had come next and the long braid of cinnamon hair, whipping ,to and fro, as he had used great bat wings to take him from place to place in the fighting. He wore black, of course; a night creature, a devil, and the enemy. Heero was captivated, ensnared, and confronted with the truth of an old saying, 'Evil has a beautiful face.'

They knew, of course, and the Angels censured Heero. In the Fields of Light, there weren't any secrets. The others felt his attraction, knew of his lust, and knew that he would not be able to deny it. They kept him away, kept him in the thick of battle, and made sure that he was always at the right hand of their chief Angel. Control him, that one had said, and keep him away. Being the strongest of them all, that order had been wasted on Heero. When he left them, spiraling downward to seek out that which was forbidden, they knew it as well, and could only wail in sorrow as they watched him go.

The darkness was like soot, darkening his white wings. Heero knew that they would never come clean again. If he rose once more to the Fields of Light, it would mark him. That, and his disfavor, would last eons. He couldn't turn back though, even knowing the outcome. His fascination was too great.

Heero found him, perched on a blasted piece of building, high above the darkness below, as if he had decided to meet Heero halfway. His bat wings moved idly, darkness cupped in their folds, and his hair hung loose, hiding nakedness only minimally. He had been expecting Heero. Secrets were unknown in the Fields of Darkness as well.

He had pointed ears and sharp teeth, Heero noticed, and a long, lean body with slim, muscled legs. Fascination turned to need. The chief warrior of Light, fell all too easily to this child of lust, excess, and sin. Rising, the devil grinned and watched Heero land on his chunk of destruction.

"Destiny sucks," Duo said with a chuckle.

Heero cocked a head sideways and thought about that, wondering if this meeting was destined, and if he had been meant to fall since his creation."Does it?" he wondered out loud.

Duo smirked. "Not for me, I guess."

Duo parted his hair and pushed it back behind his shoulders, revealing his hard excitement to Heero's dark, blue eyes. It looked as unforgiving and as devilish as the rest of him, the tip pointed. Heero's clothing was so much white mist. It faded away as he stepped forward to wrap a hand around that odd shaped phallus. It was hot, very hot to the touch.

"I'm lost," Heero whispered.

Duo licked his sharp canines as he looked over Heero's perfect body, as eager as himself for what they both wanted."I suppose you're 'pure' and all that?"

Heero leaned in and devoured Duo's lips, feeling every part of his being straining towards his enemy. His hands felt rounded, hard, hips, cupped what was between them, and then slipped behind to delve a thick finger inside. He shoved that finger in hard, impaling the devil, giving him what he was used to as he grunted and groaned in torment, supporting himself against Heero's chest.

A tongue rasped against Heero's skin as Duo raised his hips and gave Heero full access as he grumbled, "Are you sure you're not a devil?"

Heero watched his finger delve deep, his cock twitching and dripping, and replied quietly, "Maybe I've been sent to punish you this way?"

Duo snickered."I like this kind of punishment."

Duo's wings rustled as he swept them out of the way and bent down. Heero stretched to continue to torment Duo with his finger while Duo took Heero's erection deep into his mouth. He sucked, licked, and fondled Heero's balls. Heero's wings trembled and he panted, knowing that the others were watching, from below and above, outraged and excited by their rebellion.

"Perverts," Duo said, knowing it too, and blew hot breath into the opening of Hero's cock.

Heero shuddered and gasped.

"I'm the carrot on the stick, you realize?" Duo said as he suddenly pulled off of Heero's finger and turned about, showing Heero his nether attributes. "I'm supposed to let you chase after me all the way to Master's throne." He waggled his hips. "Want that bad enough?" He looked over his shoulders impishly and then made as if to leap over the edge of their platform. Heero caught him in steel arms, though, ignoring Duo's squawk and the beat of his bat wings, as he impaled Duo on his cock with several hard thrusts.

Locking fingers into Duo's hips, Heero leaned back and rode him hard and fast, primal in his intensity as he jackhammered Duo's body on and off his cock. Duo grunted and moaned, eyes closed tightly in pain and pleasure. Beautiful, Heero thought; worthy of the cost of losing one's soul. He turned Duo and took him to the granite beneath them. Duo's bat wings stretched out as Heero lifted Duo's legs and went into him again. It was a tight heat, the fires of hell and lust inside of the demon.

"I can't be an angel for you," Duo panted as Heero shot his load deep inside of him.

Heero pulled out and went down between Duo's legs. Before he took that pointed cock into his mouth, he admitted, "I can't be a devil for you."

A few hard pulls of his lips and Duo shot a heated spurt of come into Heero's mouth.

Panting, clawed hands wrapped in Heero's hair, Duo tried, "I've heard limbo isn't so bad."

Heero smirked, grabbed up his new lover, and took off with a beat of soot covered, white wings, leaving their shocked audience behind as he winged towards the no man's land between Heaven and Hell. It would be a good place for rebels, he thought, for two beings who dared to cross battle lines.



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