The Talk

by Kracken

Disclaimer: Don't on them. Don't make any money off of this.
Warning: a lemon for lemon's sake. Not part of the ongoing series. Yeah, this is the way I relieve writer's block, so enjoy. Male/Male sex. Guns. Violence.

A gift fic for Sunhawk's Ion Arc.
I wrote this, because I couldn't help wonder if Heero ever turned to the other pilots for advice about Duo's ...uhn... shyness.

The Talk

"Yuy...." Wu Fei sighed as Heero ignored him and continued to stare at a small picture. Wu Fei was seated in front of Heero's desk, a pile of reports stacked between them. They were supposed to be going over them and finishing up the paperwork. A tedious task at best, but one that Wu Fei had been hoping to complete without having to stay late. He had a date with Sally and he didn't relish hearing her complain.

Wu Fei reached out and put the picture of Duo face down. Heero looked up at him with a start, dark, cobalt blue eyes shadowed under his tangle of chocolate hair. "I'm sorry, Chang. What were you saying?" Heero asked in embarrassment.

"I wasn't saying anything!" Wu Fei growled in annoyance. He tossed the file he had been holding onto the stack and leaned back in his chair with a creak, regarding Heero critically. "You are troubled," he stated.

Heero flushed an interesting shade of pink and looked down again. "It's... I really don't want to discuss it."

"So, you will stay troubled and it will effect your work," Wu Fei told him irritably. "I will be late, Sally will complain, and she will make life unpleasant for me all evening. I will blame you, of course, but she will assume that I was purposefully trying to avoid her meatloaf. As much as that is true, I still don't wish her to think it. Now, tell me what is troubling you."

Heero hunched into himself. "It's not something... It's not a subject I think you want to discuss with me."

Wu Fei eyed his discomfort and then sighed, "Yuy, you know that I don't have a problem with your relationship with Maxwell. If you two are having troubles... I am not an expert, but sometimes, some things can be seen more clearly when the problem is discussed with a third party, or so Sally tells me often enough."

"Maybe, you aren't... qualified... to help with our problem," Heero replied and shuffled files as if he were about to shove his problem under them and forget about it.

Wu Fei did look uncomfortable then, guessing what that problem might be. "Perhaps, it is something to discuss with Quatre or Trowa," he suggested, but, then, looking down at the files, he scowled and said irritably, "But that won't allow me to arrive on time for Sally's 'dinner'. Relationships are relationships, Heero, and the sex of the partners involved is irrelevant. Please, tell me what the problem is and I vow that I will listen and try to give you good advice."

Heero hid behind one hand, rubbing at his forehead and leaning on his elbow. He said behind that cover, "Duo.... Duo is very.... sexually... shy."

Wu Fei gaped. "But.... I thought.... Truly?"

"He's so outgoing," Heero told him,"always so strong and 'take charge', as well, about everything, but.... it's as if there is this wall that he doesn't want me to cross and I don't know why. It's been... frustrating."

Heero glanced up to see how Wu Fei was taking his revelation. Wu Fei was staring hard at one wall, sitting stiffly in his chair, and looking as if he wished he were anywhere else but sitting there and discussing sex with his partner.

"Look, Chang," Heero assured him. "We don't have to talk about this. It's something between Duo and I... I really shouldn't be discussing it-"

"Does he seem... frightened?" Wu Fei asked, cutting him off, but still not looking at Heero.

Heero thought about that. "Almost. It's hard to tell. He keeps himself so tightly under wraps when it comes to expressing his real emotions. He always wants me to think that everything is fine."

"Does he reject your efforts completely or does he appear to avoid only certain aspects of your... relationship?" Wu Fei's cheeks turned a light shade of pink. So did Heero's.

"He likes our closeness," Heero replied, picking through his words and trying to find a way to explain without making them both so uncomfortable. "He likes to be held and to sleep with me, but.... other things... surprise him, make him nervous, make him pull away from me. He seems.... he acts, sometimes, as if he's never... done those sorts of things."

Wu Fei arched a black eyebrow, skeptically. "Are you suggesting that he might be a-"

"Of course not!" Heero growled. "Someone his age, with his experience, and looks? What do you think?"

Wu Fei looked annoyed. "I don't wish to think about it at all, but you and Maxwell are my friends." He seemed to steel himself and then he asked, "Is it possible that he simply doesn't enjoy... the things that you wish to do?" He looked inwardly at some annoying memory. "Sally forever tells me to consider her... desires ... in the matter."

Heero suddenly jerked a file from the stack and opened it with purpose. "Let's forget about this, all right?" he begged. "I don't think that I can talk about it. I do consider Duo's needs, I do try to figure out what he wants.... I'm just not sure why he's so... nervous. I sometimes wonder if, maybe, it's..." he trailed off and shrugged as if tossing the thought aside. "Forget about it! Let's finish our work and get out of here."

"Ah!" Wu Fei exclaimed and Heero looked up with a frown, wondering at Wu Fei's enlightened expression.

"Chang?" Heero asked cautiously.

Wu Fei gave a single nod and sat back in his chair, self satisfied. "I have divined your problem."

Heero flushed and looked torn between embarrassment and annoyance. "I haven't told you anything. How can you know-"

Wu Fei snorted. "I know you and Maxwell. You are both stubborn, pig headed, impossible people. Don't you see, Heero? You are so afraid of failing Maxwell, of having done something that displeases him, of not being what he needs, that you are making yourself miserable and tying yourself into emotional knots. It isn't hard to imagine that Maxwell is doing the very same thing concerning you."

Heero looked stunned and then thoughtful. He closed the file in front of him and leaned on it. "Damn. That would be.... just like him."

"And like you too," Wu Fei retorted and then said, pleased, "Well, that was ridiculously easy. Go home, talk about it with Maxwell, and stop being so critical of yourselves. Case closed. May we get back to work now?"

Heero stared and then sighed.

Wu Fei pulled a file to himself and said, without looking at Heero, "I know things aren't so easily solved, especially where Maxwell is concerned, but I'm not about to go down the list of exactly what he likes and doesn't like in bed. That you may discuss with Quatre or Trowa, or, may I suggest, with Duo himself? Can we assume, though, for now, that you are reasonably reassured enough to continue to work?"

Heero smiled. "You are a good friend, Chang."

Wu Fei snorted affectionately. "And you will be a good friend, too, if you hurry up through these reports so that I may go to Sally's on time." He made a face. "Unlike you two, she does not have any problem verbally expressing herself, especially when she is displeased."

Heero began working with a new enthusiasm. He was eager, now, to get home and reassure his lover. If Wu Fei was right, then he needed to show Duo that he was everything that he, Heero, had ever dreamed of. He smiled softly. He was going to enjoy that task a great deal.


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