Drums of Heaven

Part Thirty-Nine: Fragile Bodies Of Touch And Taste

These fragile bodies of touch and taste
This vibrant skin, this hair like lace
Spirits open to the thrust of grace
--- Bruce Cockburn

Heero woke up at the click of the apartment door being latched. Smiling to himself, he stayed drifting on the edge of sleep, listening to Duo's quiet movements around the space: get a drink, check email, take a shower. Sometime later Duo slipped into bed, and his fingers automatically reached out. Heero came awake at the touch, his eyes opening to see Duo's profile. There were lines of exhaustion on the young man's face, and his braid lay across his chest.

It won't really be tomorrow until it's dawn, Heero told himself. Until then, I can still pretend.

As silently as he could manage, he slid through the sheets until he was next to Duo, sitting up halfway to look down at his roommate. There was a pause, and Duo's eyes opened. The deep blue was shadowed in the streetlamp's light arcing through the window.

"Heero?" Duo sounded mildly suspicious.

"Long day at work?" Heero kept his voice soft, but conversational.

"Yeah." Duo groaned. In the dark, Heero could just see Duo rolling his eyes. "Had a twelve top from hell. Nothing was right. Lettuce was cut too big, the steak was too rare, the carrots were too soft. The only thing they liked was the wine, which meant they were so toasted when they gave me a ten percent tip they didn't realize it was on top of the hotel's twenty percent gratuity for large groups." A puzzled note entered his voice. "Heero? Why aren't you wearing a shirt?"

Duo brought a hand out from under the sheets and touched Heero's bare chest. As his slim fingers ran over Heero's nipple, the Wing Zero pilot's skin shivered. Duo's hand continued, running down Heero's stomach to his bare hip. Duo's eyes widened.

"You're not wearing any--"

Heero silenced him with a kiss.


It didn't take long for Duo to scramble out of his own clothes. He was lying half on top of Heero, who wasn't helping. Heero was too interested in the soft cries Duo made every time Heero scratched his nails down Duo's back. A last wriggle, the sweatpants were kicked aside, and Duo crawled closer, sliding one leg between Heero's until his hip was up against Heero's erection. Heero groaned and tilted his head, pressing his lips against Duo's even harder. Tongues flickered, searching deeper, and Duo whimpered softly through the kiss, propping himself up on his elbow as he ran his right hand down Heero's body to his cock. When he clasped it tightly, Heero broke off the kiss with an abrupt moan.

Duo grinned and nibbled at the stubble on Heero's chin as the dark-haired man's cock thrust into his hand. "What brought this on?"

"Just... " Heero gasped as Duo ran his palm over the head of Heero's cock. "Thought... oh... you might need... ah... some attention."

"I think it's mutual," Duo said, a mischievous smile on his face. Duo's braid slid across his back and hit the futon as Duo lifted himself up further, pressing his own erection against Heero's hip. Duo's hips tilted and rolled, grinding himself against Heero as the dark-haired man writhed next to him, lost in the sensation of the fingers gently torturing him. Heero's eyes opened, and a smile twitched at the corner of his lips to see Duo over him, eyes glazed and half-closed as he repeatedly pressed up against the dark-haired man. Heero smirked, brought up his hands to Duo's shoulders, and flipped them smoothly.

"Hey!" Duo's reply was swallowed as Heero landed on top of him. Heero grinned and kissed Duo again, focusing on the taste of fine wine, curry, and mint. Skin on skin, fingers plucked at nipples and backs arched as the two rolled over again, this time with Duo on top. Heero's leg came up to wrap around Duo's hip, and Duo groaned loudly as their cocks met. Heero pulled Duo down for another long kiss and rolled them over again. Pulling away from Duo's lips, he began to kiss and lick his way down Duo's body.

I can't tell the future, Heero thought. But I like the present. With that thought, he smiled wickedly to himself and lowered his head onto Duo's erect cock.

Heero licked the pre-come dripping from the head, startled to find it tasted a little sweet. Intrigued, he began to suck, trying to get more. Duo's hips responded instinctively, gently pumping, making it hard for Heero to find his rhythm. After Duo's cock slipped from his lips the second time, the Wing Zero pilot brought his knees up under his chest, levering up and placing his hands on Duo's hips to hold them still.

"You're killing me here," Duo muttered, and his hands wandered down to clutch at Heero's hair, fisting against the scalp as he tried to thrust again. "Damn, Heero, would you... "

Pleased at the response, Heero opened his mouth wider and took in more of Duo's cock, smiling mentally at Duo's moan. Heero noted almost clinically that Duo was also circumcised, and that the head was smooth on his tongue while the shaft felt rougher. He contemplated the feeling, then pulled back to open his mouth, experimentally letting the saliva run down the shaft. Lifting his right hand from Duo's hip, he clasped the base of the shaft and began to slather the saliva up and down it. He was rewarded with a low groan and another insistent thrust. Heero took the cock back in his mouth, feeling his own erection twitch in response as Duo's back arched off the futon.

Within minutes Heero had found the right rhythm, lowering his head as far as he could, stopping only once the gag reflex kicked in. Despite his best attempts to relax and push past it, Heero found himself confused as to how he could breathe if he went further. He tried to consider the situation objectively, but another soft keening from Duo pushed his brain past the point of logic. He gave up analyzing, hoping that whatever he was doing was appreciated. Heero raked his teeth accidentally over the shaft as he pulled back up to suck on the head, and winced when Duo hissed loudly above him.

"Shit, Heero, watch... " Duo's voice caught on the words, and swallowed them. The hand on Heero's head went into a death grip, nails clawing at his scalp.

Heero hesitated, then slowly lowered his mouth, this time raking his teeth much lighter. He was pleased to feel Duo's hand relax, the moans returning louder as Heero's right hand picked up the pace.

"Please, please, please," Duo was muttering under his breath. Heero tilted up his head to see Duo's eyes closed tightly as Duo thrashed his head back and forth, lost in the throes of pleasure.

Heero squeezed his eyes tight as his jaw started to cramp. Frustrated and anxious that he wasn't doing any of it properly, he pulled back, releasing the cock long enough to let his jaw muscles relax. His right hand slowed down, and he pressed with his thumb at the base of the cock, where the thick cord running down the shaft met Duo's testicles. Duo instantly replied with a shocked gasp as his nearing orgasm was cut off. Heero smirked, flexing his mouth open and closed a few more times, then lowered his head to Duo's testicles. Licking them, he buried his nose between Duo's thighs and inhaled gently, then blew across the shaft even as he continued to stroke it at a considerably slower pace. Duo had gone silent except for a few whimpers.

The brown curly hair around the base of Duo's cock was matted and wet, glistening in the light through the window. Heero sat up a bit more, watching with interest as his hand pulled up, pushed down, and was met at the base by Duo's hips, pushing upwards, instinctively trying to increase the speed. Heero grinned and pushed down harder with his left hand until Duo was still, then took Duo's cock in his mouth. Within seconds he'd brought the pace back to its original punishing speed. Duo's balls were against his left forearm, and he could sense them tightening against his skin, even as Duo's breathing took on a ragged note.

Then, with a soft cry, Duo arched his back, and Heero froze in place, his hand halfway down Duo's shaft. Heero's eyes opened wide, panic shooting through his mind as thick warm liquid filled his mouth. He started to pull away, but his mouth was already too full. Automatically he swallowed, sucking harder as the thief's cock jerked in his mouth. Massaging gently with his right hand, Heero distantly noting that the liquid tasted bitter and a little salty. He slid his lips up until he sucked only at the head, and was fascinated by the way the flavor changed to a tangy sweetness. Heero licked at the head of Duo's softening cock, flicking the tip of his tongue against the little hole, finally letting the soft muscle go as Duo began to let out a strange keening sound.

Heero sat up, confused, and wiped his hands on the futon. Crawling over Duo, he held himself above Duo as he looked down. "Are you okay?"

"That was... " Duo's eyes opened, sluggishly, then closed again as a smile twitched at the edge of his lips. "Ticklish afterwards... sensitive, I guess." His face was flushed lightly, and Heero watched, amused, as Duo's breathing slowly became more even. Duo opened one eye, looked at Heero, then closed his eye. "Stop staring at me."

"You look goofy after you've come," Heero told him.

"Yeah, well, fuck you," Duo mumbled, sated. Faintly he waved one hand, but didn't otherwise move.

"That wasn't quite what I had in mind," Heero replied, and rubbed his hips against Duo's stomach. His stiff erection was weeping, and the motion smeared it on Duo's belly, making it easier for Heero to grind a little harder. Duo's eyes opened again, and he glanced down, then grinned.

"Round two," he announced. "Let me up. I'll be right back."

Heero frowned and sat back on his heels to let Duo sit up, but caught the other man by the wrist before Duo could stand up. He hesitated, and asked his question in a rush. "Wh-why do you leave?"

"Cleaning up," Duo muttered, adding something else Heero couldn't make out.

The Wing Zero pilot had developed a theory, but suspected the problem wasn't the act but the crassness of stating it out loud. Heero tugged at Duo's wrist until Duo looked at him. "Duo... I appreciate it. But you don't have to... I like... I don't have a problem with any part of your body."

"I do," came the soft reply. Duo fidgeted, uneasy, then sighed. "When I was a kid, the other kids used to... tease me. They said I... smelled like a sewer." His eyes were lowered, and Heero twisted his lips as he thought about what to say.

"I... think you smell like... curry," Heero finally whispered. Duo's eyes flew up, looking at him quizzically, and Heero shrugged, an almost-imperceptible movement. "And... engine oil. And leather... and mint."

"That's the toothpaste," Duo replied, but his shy smile was genuine. Carefully he disengaged from Heero's hold, and stood up. "I'll be... " His legs buckled, and he laughed nervously as he regained his balance. "Rubber knees. Be right back."


They were fiercer this time. The kisses were hungrier, wrestling tongues echoing the dance of struggling bodies. Heero got one shoulder under Duo's knee, and Duo's other leg was wrapped around Heero's waist, both groaning as their erections were pressed together. Their play was rough, tumbling back and forth across the bed. Hands and teeth and mouths traveled across each other until the pristine moment when Heero slipped inside Duo, pinching hard on a nipple as Duo froze in place, his mouth in a round 'o', his eyes wide and glazed. Heero stilled, waiting for Duo's panting to subside. When Duo's fingers uncurled from their wrenching grip on Heero's arms, the dark-haired man smiled and began to roll his hips, side to side as he thrust slowly.

"Damn, Heero, tonight you're... " Duo didn't finish his words, raising himself up to press his lips against Heero's. Pushing his tongue in Heero's mouth, Duo unhooked his leg and shoved against the futon, flipping them over. Duo's weight brought him down, square against Heero's hips in a forceful move, and his braid hit Heero's thigh as Duo's head fell back. Heero bared his teeth, the wet slickness around his cock sending fire from his groin to his nerve endings and back again in an almost unbearable feedback loop. Duo's cock was stiff again, and Heero grasped it with one hand as he bucked his hips upwards to impale Duo further. The longhaired man gasped around his grin, and began to ease himself up and down, his tongue flicking out as if to taste the air as he watched Heero stroke his cock.

Just as Duo got the pace he wanted, Heero chuckled deviously and slammed his hips upwards at the same time he let go of Duo's cock. Duo choked on a surprised shriek as Heero flipped them over again. Duo's eyes went wide as his back hit the futon, and Heero took advantage of Duo's distraction to catch Duo's legs behind the knees. Heero came down for another kiss. Back in control, Heero tilted his hips, thrusting repeatedly as the tight warmth around his cock overwhelmed his senses. Duo was writhing under him, whimpering and moaning in soft contrast to Heero's deep groans, but the respite was short. Just as Heero thought he couldn't take anymore, Duo was flipping them over again, settling himself with a triumphant grin.

Heero groaned, digging his nails into Duo's hips, and yanked Duo down, impaling him. Letting go with one hand, he reached for Duo's cock, and began to stroke it roughly in time with his own hips ramming up into Duo. The fire shooting through Heero's body was out of control, and he grunted as he increased the pace even further. Duo was moaning, unable to move, his fingers digging into Heero's chest. Heero choked back a cry, pummeling himself into Duo, on the edge, stroking Duo's cock even harder.

Duo's moan turned into a high-pitched keen in the back of his throat, his head thrown back. He was trembling as his hips jerked, liquid warmth falling on Heero's chest and stomach, covering his hand. The rippling muscles around Heero's cock gripped tighter, squeezing him until he cried out, shuddering as he thrust upwards, burying himself to the hilt as his orgasm ripped through him. Distantly Heero registered that Duo's chin had come down, as Duo's jagged breathing slowly eased.

Heero smiled, a lazy expression, and let go of Duo's cock, pulling his hand out from between their bodies. He didn't even bother to wipe his hand, but simply pulled Duo down until his head was resting on Heero's chest. He registered he was slipping out of Duo, but even the cool air on his softened cock wasn't enough to bring him out of the euphoria. Sighing, Heero wrapped his other arm around the shaking man, and held him tightly.

After a few minutes, Duo stirred, raising his head up to kiss Heero softly on the lips. "Let me up," he whispered. "I'll get us something to clean up."

Heero sighed and let his head fall back on the pillow. "No... stay here."

"What?" Duo made a face. "We're all... sticky. And I'm leaking."

The Wing Zero pilot blinked, then chuckled suddenly.

"It's not funny." The other man narrowed his eyes, mildly annoyed. "I am."

"I know, I know." Heero released Duo, who sat up, a little wobbly. "I was remembering how upset you got that time Deathscythe was leaking fluid."

"Well, if some bastard hadn't stolen parts, it would've been just fine."

Heero had the grace to flush, even as he feigned a long-suffering air. "Are we going to be eighty, sitting in some nursing home for Gundam pilots, and you'll still be getting on my case about that? What do I have to do? Let you... " Heero trailed off, noticing the odd expression on Duo's face. "Duo? Is something wrong?"

"No," Duo said, ducking his head as he got up. "Just... never mind. I'll go get a towel."

Heero's brow creased as he watched his friend leave. Duo's expression had seemed to be a mix of surprise, fear, and a little bit of hopefulness. Duo returned with a damp cloth, and Heero filed the observation away. After wiping himself, he handed the towel to Duo, who tossed it to the side.

"I am not folding it," Duo told him imperiously as he lay down on his back to stare at the ceiling.

"In that case, get over here," Heero replied. Exerting the strength he'd held back even during sex, Heero sat up long enough to catch Duo under the arm, pulling Duo to the middle of the bed.

Duo squeaked in surprise, and Heero laughed softly, burying his face in Duo's hair as the two got comfortable, spooning back-to-front. Heero raised his head, supporting it with a fist as he put his other arm across Duo's chest. Under his chin, Heero could just make out the dark shape of the tattoo on Duo's left shoulder blade.

"What's your tattoo?" Heero leaned over, ghosting his lips across the dark shape. Duo's skin shivered under the touch.

"An Irish wolf," Duo replied quietly.

"What's that?"

"It's an old thing. Came across it in a book while I was in school." The Deathscythe pilot shrugged, a slight movement against Heero's lips as he kissed the tattoo a second time. "You probably can't see it in the dark, but it's wearing a broken collar and is stepping on a broken crown."

"What does it mean?" Heero pulled away from Duo, squinting at the shape on Duo's shoulder blade. Duo's body was in shadow, and all Heero could make out was the general outline, and that it was some sort of intricate knot-work.

"It has a phrase that goes with it that I can never remember... but the translation is 'neither collar nor crown.' It stands for the way the Irish people refused to consider the British Empire their masters," Duo explained patiently. "It... just... I really liked it."

"That fits you very well... Did you draw it?"

"No. I kept copies of the different versions, and showed them to Jeet. He did several drawings for me. I picked the one I liked the best, and got it done by this guy in Sector 1 who's really good."

"Ah." Heero draped his arm over Duo's chest, who pressed himself backwards until there was no space between their bodies.

"I didn't... " The longhaired man swallowed, then moved his head and winced. "Ow, my hair." Heero shifted, and Duo pulled his braid out from between them.

"You didn't what," Heero prompted softly. His left hand played across Duo's arm, and back down to pull the thief closer.

"Didn't think you liked... this," Duo finished. His voice was soft, and a little forlorn. "You never did, before."

Heero's heart froze. He was careful to make sure his fingers never paused in their path of running gently up and down Duo's abdomen. "Before?"

"During the war." Duo shrugged casually. "It seemed to bother you whenever I touched you, back then."

"I didn't have a lot of practice." Heero's voice was perfectly neutral, and he placed a kiss on Duo's shoulder, then ran his tongue across the thief's shoulder to suckle at the back of Duo's neck. His left hand continued to run in circles on Duo's stomach.

"You... " The word turned into a purr at the sensation of teeth and fingertips. "You... seem to be fine with it now."

"That's entirely your fault," Heero informed him, pausing to speak before going back to open-mouth kisses on Duo's shoulder.

"If it is," came the reply, edged with the beginnings of a whimper, "I take full blame, and am perfectly happy with any punishment." Duo shifted in place, rolling over on his back to stare up at Heero. "I... like you, the way you are now."

Me too, thought Heero, closing his eyes. I just wish it were truly who I am.

He was startled at a touch on his cheek, and opened his eyes to see Duo looking up at him. The man's face was in shadow, blocked from the street lamp's light by Heero's body, but his touch was gentle, and his voice was low.

"Heero? Does that... bother you?"

"Bother me?" Heero put his own hand up against Duo's, and leaned into the touch. "No... " he said, leaning down for a kiss, then pulling away to whisper. "I... like you, too... I just wish it could stay like this... I wish morning would never come."

"We don't need to freeze time. It's not like we're still at war." Duo's retort was playful. "Or maybe you're just sick of waiting tables?"

"Ah," Heero said, pretending to agree, and Duo tugged him down for another kiss. Heero sighed, sadness washing over him.

Duo nibbled at Heero's lower lip. Heero responded, running his tongue across Duo's top lip, and felt Duo's smile as their mouths met again. His fingers were buried in Duo's hair, and Duo purred as Heero's tongue met his.

I don't want morning to ever come, he told himself. When it does, everything will change... and I don't want to lose this.



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