Drums of Heaven


Part Thirty-Four: Of Night And Light And The Half-Light

Had I the heavens' embroidered cloths,
Enwrought with golden and silver light,
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half-light
--- W. B. Yeats

Heero said nothing during dinner, too busy getting second helpings to bother with conversation. The action of cleaning his plate was enough to make Duo beam.

"I got cake," Duo said, when Heero set the plate on the floor. "Are you hungry now, or did you want to wait?"

"Your choice," Heero replied, then shrugged half-heartedly as he pushed his fork across the empty plate. "I've... never had Black Forest cake."

"Really?" Duo's eyebrows shot up in mock-amazement. "You've lived a truly deprived life, and I know what I'm talking about." He took both their plates and got up, returning in a minute with a knife and a plastic box. Opening it, he pushed it towards Heero. "Looks good, doesn't it."

Heero dutifully looked, then frowned. "It looks... black."

"Wait 'til you taste it." Duo grinned, a mischievous look in his deep blue eyes. "Close your eyes."

He shot Duo a suspicious glance, and then closed his eyes with a sigh. "Don't you dare smash that in my face."

"Relax, that's only for people getting married."

There were quiet sounds of plastic rubbing against plastic, then a soft swoosh, and muffled giggles of Duo's quiet excitement. A second later something touched Heero's lips and he jumped, not expecting the contact. He could feel Duo's hand immediately bump against his nose as a result of his skittish movement. Heero opened his eyes to see Duo's face contorted as the other man struggled to keep from laughing.

"Duo. I warned you."

"Shit, Heero, I didn't plan it," Duo whined, but the defensive sound was drowned in the giggles stuttering out between the words. "It's on your nose, now."

Tentatively Heero stuck out his tongue and licked at the base of his nose, then tasted. It wasn't bad, even if it was richer than the chocolate Quatre had given him once during the war. Scowling, he wiped his nose and licked his fingers carefully, surprised to find himself giving Duo a crooked smile. "Not bad."

"Not bad?" Duo grinned and ate the rest of the smashed piece still in his hands. "It's great. Hilde got me hooked on this stuff."

"Including the way you eat it?" The words were out of his mouth before he realized the implication, and Heero schooled his face into innocent indifference as Duo shot him a narrowed look. Heero kept his eyes on the cake, however, and the moment passed as Duo laughed.

"No, she believes in forks. Here, have some more."

"Maybe later." Heero stood up.

"Where are you going?" Looking up from his cross-legged seat on the floor, with his fingers in his mouth, Duo's indigo eyes only accentuated his suddenly young appearance.

Heero smirked, and leaned over. "Let's have dessert after dessert."

"Have what?" Duo's eyes went even wider, and Heero's lips twitched into a genuine smile. Duo tilted his head, sucking the last chocolate off his fingers. "What are you planning?"

"Come on, Duo," Heero said, his voice dropping to a rasp. "You know exactly what you're doing to me." He tugged at Duo's sticky hand, smiling crookedly as he drew the longhaired man to his feet and pulled him gently towards the bedroom.


The kiss seemed endless, tongue against tongue, teeth nipping on lips, the heat and wet swirling until lights flashed behind Heero's eyes. Carefully and slowly he had pressed Duo down on the bed, until they knelt facing each other. Duo's hands were shaking, but Heero held them in his own, then took both in his right. With his left hand, Heero began to run his fingers down Duo's cheek, down his neck, playing at the edges of his shirt to run along the collarbone. The longhaired man shifted slightly, trying to pull away.

Heero broke the kiss and placed his forehead against Duo's, watching the deep blue eyes in the colony's dimming daylights. "Shh, Duo, I let you... this time, let me."

Heero scratched a nail down Duo's neck, and the young man whimpered a little. Heero exhaled slowly through his nose, a controlled exhale, trying to force the fire in his groin down to a manageable level.

"But... " Duo's face scrunched up. He looked uncertain.

"Be quiet, already," Heero growled softly. Waiting until Duo's eyes seemed to acknowledge the request, however reluctantly, Heero ducked his head and began kissing Duo's neck. He held the other man by the back of the neck, pulling Duo close as Heero suckled and bit where shoulder meets neck. Duo struggled for a second, his hands still trapped, but stopped moving when Heero didn't release him.

It took another fifteen minutes of murmured reassurances before the dark-haired man felt comfortable releasing Duo's hands long enough to remove Duo's black shirt. Even then Duo curled away a little, not quite covering himself. Heero was torn between rolling his eyes at Duo's self-conscious reaction, and sniggering at the way Duo was instinctively acting like a virgin.

Even I can't claim virginity, Heero thought, and decided to go with the third option: ignoring Duo's blush.

Heero put his hands behind his own head, yanking his own shirt off in one smooth move. Tossing it aside with little thought, he quickly reached for Duo, who had started to shrink back. Once again he had to coax Duo with light touches and kisses, until the longhaired man was softly moaning under the caress of fingers on a nipple and a tongue running across his ear.

When he plucked one of Duo's nipples, though, the other man stiffened under his touch. Heero bit back an exasperated snarl. His cock was too hard, throbbing painfully inside his jeans, and now the braid-wearing idiot wanted to play hard-to-get. Before he could say anything, Duo's whisper reached his ears.

"It'll... it'll be better... " Duo sighed, a soft caress of breath across Heero's shoulder. "I can... "

It was as though he were sitting back in Wing Zero, and Heero nearly blinked in astonishment, the way his mind could still unfold and separate the threads of the future. Duo wanted to take over again. If he responded by dominating Duo with strength, Heero risked either a backlash, or the creation of a new pattern that would be difficult to undo. If he gave way, he would merely repeat the pattern Duo was already trying hard to continue. Again he realized and accepted the best option, all in a matter of a single second.

Heero settled back on his heels, and took Duo's hands with both of his, clasping them loosely. For a long moment he let his gaze travel across Duo's body, up the slim waist, past the ribs barely showing, to the light brown nipples standing proud, to the collarbones curving under the pale flesh. Heero's eyes traveled back down, to the black jeans loosely cradling Duo's groin, the bulge at the crotch signifying Duo's arousal, the fine down of chestnut hairs just barely visible above the waistband of the black jeans. Sighing, he pursed his lips and massaged Duo's palms lightly with his thumbs.

Heero's voice was barely a whisper. "Duo, do you know what you want?"

"What I... " The longhaired man tilted his head, confused.

"Tell me what you want to do to me."

"I'd rather--" His words were cut off as Heero shook his head once, a curt movement.

"No," Heero replied. "Tell me."

Duo licked his lips nervously, and then raised his eyebrows in a gesture of amused surrender. "Alright, Heero... I... " His voice dropped to a soft mumble. "I want to kiss your nipples... and... bite an' suck on them... " Duo's words trailed off as he ducked his head, embarrassed.

"Ah." Heero didn't wait for Duo's response, but leaned forward. He let go of one of Duo's hands to wrap his arm around Duo's waist, and pressed his lips against the longhaired man's chest. Licking softly, Heero nuzzled his way to the right nipple, kissing it open-mouthed before running his tongue around the aureole and biting down. Duo hissed, arching his back. His free hand scrabbled at Heero's shoulder, but he didn't say anything.

Heero grunted. He recognized the action as merely a symbolic gesture, signifying Duo's protest and yet a reluctant acceptance at the same time. He clasped Duo's hand tighter, holding it away from their bodies, and continued planting kisses across Duo's chest, nibbling at points until he came to the other nipple. Latching on, he suckled until he could feel Duo pressing against his mouth, the braid sliding against Heero's arm as Duo leaned his head back. Heero smiled around the flesh, and kissed once more before pulling his head away.

"What else," he prompted softly. A smile tugged at the corner of his lips as he watched Duo's face, the lips open and panting, the eyelids heavy with pleasure. "Tell me, Duo, tell me," he coaxed.

A memory -- of being pinned to the wall as Duo cajoled him into speaking -- flashed into Heero's head. He ducked his head rather than let Deathscythe's pilot see the smile tracing across his lips.

Duo swallowed hard, lifting his head a little even as his eyes slid shut. "I... I want to run my hands down your back, slip them inside your jeans, and feel your ass against my hands."

Heero released Duo's hand, letting it rest against the futon, and ran his fingers down Duo's spine to where his arm was still wrapped around Duo's waist. Slipping his free hand down farther, he pushed his fingers under Duo's jeans, slipping them down until his palm was against Duo's ass. Lifting Duo just a bit, Heero watched the other man's face contort slightly as Heero's forefinger brushed down the crevice. Massaging gently with his hand, Heero leaned forward to place butterfly-light kisses along Duo's jaw.

"And then? Tell me," he said, a soft whisper against Duo's skin. He could feel Duo swallow hard, his adam's apple bobbing.

"I want... to open your jeans, and take... my cock... in your hand... "

Heero buried his face against Duo's neck, hiding the immediate delighted smile. Duo's voice had been barely audible in the silent room, but Heero's hearing was as excellent as it ever was. He wasn't sure whether the slip was intentional on Duo's part, but as far as he was concerned, it was a good sign.

He started to move the arm wrapped around Duo, then realized Duo was too relaxed. He'd surrendered to the point that forcing him to refocus long enough to sit up straight might yank him back to awareness. Heero opted not to risk that. Instead, he gracefully came up on his knees, coming up on one foot to give him leverage to lower Duo onto his back in a controlled fall. The other man gently landed on the futon with a sigh, his hands clasping momentarily as his eyes came open to see Heero above him, straddling his hips but not pressed against him. Duo's legs were folded under him.

"Heero... " The name was both a question and a statement.

Heero braced himself on with one hand as he continued to massage Duo's ass inside the jeans. Duo sighed again, arching his back slightly at the pressure. Heero leaned down for a heady kiss, pushing past Duo's lips to run his tongue along the inside of the other man's mouth. Duo tasted like dark chocolate.

Duo moaned around the kiss, and Heero struggled to choke back a whimper of his own. He didn't want to remind Duo of the change in roles by making too much noise. His own pleasure would play a role, he decided, but first he had to get Duo to accept pleasure as well. Heero crouched over Duo, suckling at the pert nipples as his left hand wandered down Duo's chest to his jeans.

In one yank, he unbuttoned Duo's jeans, tugging at them to make each successive button pull undone. Folding the fabric back, Heero let his fingers play across the exposed length of Duo's cock, gratified to hear the sharp intake of breath as his forefinger ran along the raised ridge up to the head. Heero pushed the jeans back farther, amused by the way Duo's hips arched up to his touch.

His arm was starting to go to sleep from the awkward position of having his hand still down the back of Duo's jeans. When he slipped his hand out from under the Duo, the young man whimpered softly, his eyes opening long enough to watch Heero. There was a slight line between his brows, and Heero leaned over, kissing him gently at the same time he pushed his left hand down far enough to wrap it around Duo's testicles.

The move made Duo gasp, and Heero took full advantage of the open mouth for another long kiss. Each stroke of his tongue was matched with a stroke of his fingers, until Duo's hands came up, wrapping themselves in Heero's hair, fisting against his scalp as Duo leaned up into the kiss.

The two young men broke off the kiss almost simultaneously, Duo panting furiously. Heero, meanwhile, covered his smug expression by planting open-mouth kisses along Duo's jawline. Duo's breathing was jagged, and it was several seconds before he could speak.

"H-heero," he said, the sounds catching in his throat. "Y-you... don't have to... "

"Have to what?" Heero lifted his head to stare into Duo's deep blue eyes, clouded with worry.

"Do... this," Duo said with a small shrug. His hands were still clasped in Heero's hair, and his thumbs were moving against the dark-haired man's scalp in a way that made Heero want to close his eyes and purr. "You don't have to... It's okay."

"I know I don't have to, idiot," he replied, leaning in for another quick kiss. "But I want to, so I will." Heero paused, weighing his words carefully. "It's just... I don't know... what to do next." He steeled himself to keep eye contact with Duo, refusing to let the words be interpreted as weakness, failing, or as an opening for Duo to dominate. "Tell me what to do, and help me do it."

Duo's eyes had gone a little wide at the confession, and his lips twitched, curling up a little at the edges in a shy smile. "Okay... " Duo whispered, then wriggled in place. Heero blinked at first, then realized Duo was trying to sit up.

"Where are you going?"

"Let me up," Duo replied, and Heero backed off long enough for Duo to sit up. "I've got to... go to the bathroom."

"What for?" Heero sat back on his haunches, his hands on his thighs. He could see Duo's stiff cock bobbing slightly, the clear liquid dripping down the head. He groaned softly, unwilling to hide his reaction.

"Gonna clean up," came the reply. The longhaired man was blushing furiously, looking everywhere but at Heero. "You just... wait here. I'll be right back." With a quick kiss on Heero's cheek, Duo dashed from the bedroom.

In the streetlight flowing in through the window, Heero caught sight of the tattoo on Duo's shoulder, and he realized he'd never asked about it, nor had he ever gotten a close look at it. Making a mental note to do so, he stripped off his jeans and tossed them aside, settling back on his heels as he wondered what had prompted Duo to decide now was the time to wash up.

Without even realizing it, he began stroking his own cock gently, with just his fingertips, and a small smile began to play at the edge of his lips. So far, things were progressing nicely, his mind's small voice announced. He listened to the faint sound of running water and waited patiently.


Heero hesitated at Duo's whispered directions, regarding the naked man laid out beside him. Heero was lying alongside Duo, and most of Heero's weight was supported on his left hand. Duo's leg was thrown over Heero's right shoulder, twisting Duo's body just a little away from Heero. The position tilted Duo's hips up, exposing his thick cock nestled in a wreath of light brown curls. The dark-haired man took a steadying breath, and slowly slipped one gel-slicked finger into Duo's anus.

The response was instantaneous, and Heero nearly jerked his finger away at Duo's moan. The tight muscles around his finger gripped closely, and he instinctively pushed in a little further, up to the knuckle, encouraged by Duo's soft whimper. Without being prompted, Heero pulled out long enough to entwine two fingers and slip them in. He was worried at first by Duo's wince, but relaxed as the frown disappeared, replaced by a slack expression.

He began to shove the fingers of his right hand in and out, slowly, ignoring Duo's inaudible muttering. Curious, Heero shoved his fingers in as deep as he could, and wiggled them about, investigating the cavity thoroughly. His fingers brushed up against something, and Duo's eyes flew open as the longhaired man choked back a soft cry.

Tilting his hips slightly to let his engorged cock rub against Duo's hip, a crooked smile appeared on Heero's face as he watched Duo writhing against him. Duo's back was arched, his hips moving frantically against Heero's still fingers, buried deep inside him. Intrigued, Heero flicked his fingertips again, and felt his cock twitch in response to Duo's nearly silent keening.

Duo licked his lips, and opened his mouth, but no sound came out. The deep blue eyes were half-closed, his forehead creased in concentration as he thrust against Heero's fingers. The feeling was tight and wet around Heero's hand, the muscles clenching furiously, and Heero was certain he was going to come just from the sight, the smell, the sound. It was him, all him, doing this to Duo, and that thought alone nearly pushed him over the edge.

Steeling himself, he considered the next step. Duo's directions had been precise, if shyly given, but Heero contemplated the various ways of actually going about the next step. He wanted to see Duo's face, enjoy the flashing expressions of pleasure, but he could also visualize that sex, face-to-face, meant one of two options. One, Duo could be on top, like before, but that meant letting Duo set the pace. Two, he figured he could reasonably push Duo's legs up to his chest and he could take the long-haired man that way, but that would mean Heero's arms would be occupied supporting at least part of his weight. He didn't want that; he wanted his hands free to continue pleasuring Duo in every way possible.

Heero smiled and flicked his fingertips a few more times, enjoying Duo's complete inability to formulate anything other than a keening sigh. Duo's hands were curling against the bed sheets, white-knuckled as his hips moved, impaling himself on Heero's hand.

Duo's cock was deep red, almost a purple in the room's half-light, standing stiffly upright as moisture oozed down its length. His balls were drawn up tight to his body, and Heero angled his arm awkwardly to let his wrist brush against Duo's testicles as he pulled his two fingers out only to push them back in, with a third added. Duo's moan was strangled, his eyes flying open, and Heero quickly flicked his fingertips again on that deep spot inside, groaning as Duo's muscles tightened around his fingers.

Heero continued his assessment of possible positions, running through the visuals in his mind before deciding. Removing his fingers, Heero leaned up to catch Duo's wordless complaint with his lips. Tongues met and clashed, then Heero drew back, effortlessly flipping Duo onto his stomach and pulling the shorter man up onto his knees. Duo barely had time to yelp in protest, but stilled as Heero came up on his knees, placing his cock at Duo's entrance.

With a soft sigh, Heero pressed forward, anxiously fighting to keep control of his body. Submerge into the heat, the wet, and the head of his cock was in. The sweet tightness overwhelmed him for several heartbeats. Heero groaned loudly, gripping Duo's hips hard enough to leave bruises, struggling to remain still. Duo was panting, his head down, his body shaking. Heero ran a finger down Duo's spine, and Duo shuddered in response. In the dark, he could barely make out the intricacy of the tattoo on Duo's left shoulder blade.

"You're so tight," Heero murmured, supporting himself with one hand as he pushed slowly into Duo, holding the other man still against him. Heero moved Duo's braid, letting it slide across Duo's back to thump against the futon. A feral smile darted across Heero's face and he leaned over to suckle at the base of Duo's neck. He was treated to another keening moan, and Duo moved beneath him, trying to thrust.

Heero slipped an arm around Duo's chest and pulled them both backwards, settling down on his heels with Duo in his lap. The motion impaled Duo completely on his cock, and Duo cried out at the sensation, his head thrown back to rest on Heero's shoulder.

"Damn, damn," Heero whispered between bites along Duo's shoulder. He ran one hand down to cup Duo's balls, and snapped his hips upward, thrusting harshly. When Duo cried out, Heero smiled again, his own eyes closing as he struggled to contain himself. Make it last, he told himself.

Talk to him, the small voice prompted, and Heero couldn't resist grinning. Duo had talked quietly the whole time, the first time they'd had sex, but this was his turn. Ignoring discomfort at the sound of his own voice, Heero focused on Duo as he spoke, listening for the responding cries with each move of his hips.

"You're incredible," Heero moaned, letting his hands roam until one was plucking at Duo's nipples, while the other squeezed Duo's testicles gently. The touch made Duo tilt his hips towards Heero's hand, and the Wing Zero pilot sighed at the feeling of Duo's slickness moving along the length of his cock. "The sounds you make," he whispered into Duo's ear, "the way you move... you drive me insane, you know that?"

Heero drew his fingers along Duo's cock, his sight fading to white at the feel of Duo's entire body clenching in response. Heero snapped his hips up, pushing Duo down with his arm at the same time, and growled as the sensation nearly drove him straight to climax.

"Touch yourself," he demanded. "I want to see you touch yourself... "

A second later Duo's hand moved to his cock. Duo sighed, a delicious hum, and wrapped his fingers around the base as Heero rubbed his palm against the head of Duo's cock. Heero thrust harder, watching over Duo's shoulder as the hand began to move of its own accord. Duo's head was thrown back, resting on Heero's shoulder, and his soft cries echoed in Heero's ears.

Heero continued to whisper, random encouragements that he couldn't remember a second after he'd spoken. He was entranced by Duo's guttural moans, lost in the feeling of his cock sliding so easily in and out, punctuating the rhythm of Duo's hand as Heero plunged repeatedly into the slick cavity. The vision of Duo pleasuring himself made Heero grip Duo closer as he began to drive his hips sharply upwards, grunting as he increased the brutal pace. Heero could see his own golden hands pinching Duo's nipples, cupping Duo's testicles, warm against pale skin. The chestnut braid slid across his arm and Duo's chest with every thrust.

"Just looking at you," he muttered, and ran his tongue up the back of Duo's neck. "You have no idea, do you," Heero snarled, biting down with sudden furious passion.

As teeth ground into skin, Duo cried out. His hips bucked wildly, his orgasm coming in jerky, rapid spurts, his body shaking with the effort. The high-pitched keen faded into a low moan, his muscles rippling and flexing, squeezing around Heero's cock. The sensation was too much for Heero.

He buried his face in Duo's neck and cried out as well, snapping his hips convulsively as he came. Desperate to prolong the feeling, the dark-haired man clung tighter, his hips continuing to rock up against Duo as his entire body shuddered from the feeling. He continued to thrust, although gentler, even as he could feel his cock softening. Gradually the pace slowed, and all Heero could hear was Duo's quick breathing. Eventually he became aware of the way his arms were embracing Duo's chest, even as Duo's hands were holding his arms in place, just as tightly.

Slowly the world stilled, and Heero became aware that they were rocking back-and-forth. His cock was still buried to the hilt inside Duo. Moisture was dripping down between his legs, and he could feel Duo's own ejaculation across his forearms and Duo's chest. They continued to sway together, and Heero nuzzled Duo's neck with his nose, absently aware that Duo's shoulder was wet.

He wondered if he'd bitten hard enough to draw blood. Pulling away a little, he could see only teeth marks, but no broken skin. It dawned on him that the wetness wasn't blood. Gently Heero licked the bite mark, tasting the salt of his tears mingling with Duo's sweat, placing open-mouthed kisses across to the base of Duo's neck. The longhaired man's head was hanging down as he struggled to catch his breath, the rasping loud in the silent apartment.

Heero smiled against Duo's neck and cradled Duo close to his chest. This was what he'd wanted. Later they would lie in bed, fingertip to fingertip, but for now, this was everything Heero wanted, and all he needed.




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