Moments in Time:

Watching Him


He looks…delicious in his tuxedo. I’m so proud of him, and not just because he looks like sin incarnate in those pants. He doesn’t believe me, but no one would ever suspect that he hasn’t done this forever. I have to admit, I wasn’t sure. As much as I love him, I wondered if he could handle these people, this life. I wondered if I would be able to count on his help.

I needn’t have worried.

Look at him, chatting with that industrialist’s wife as though he’s made drawing-room small talk all his life. Of course, it helps that he’s so beautiful. And he has that way—as I know better than God Himself—of making you feel as though you’re the most interesting, most amusing person he’s ever talked to. There’s not a woman or a man in this room whose eyes don’t light up when he stops to talk to them.

But his eyes only light when he looks at me.

He’s all I ever dreamed of. I know that he’s perfectly capable of taking care of himself, but he lets me baby him. Most of the time, that is. It seems as though he only resists me when he needs coddling the most. But that’s no surprise. He’s such a bundle of contradictions—light and dark, strong and soft, independent and needy, cocksure and frightened. I could spend all my life getting to know him, body and soul.

Smiling? Yes, I suppose I am.

I wonder, sometimes, what I ever did to deserve this, to merit the love of someone like Duo Maxwell. The answer is, of course, nothing. I don’t deserve him. But he’s mine all the same, and that’s the miracle of it. Rest assured I never, ever take it for granted.

Not like I took you for granted, until it was too late, and I’d lost you.

Treize…Treize, I never stopped loving you. Not ever. Not when I realized I was sharing you with Wufei. Not even when I fought against you. I always thought there would be a chance to go back, to set things right. And then you were gone, and I realized what I’d wasted. It hurt for such a long time. But I couldn’t mourn forever. I had to live again.

So there he is. My life. What do you think?

I think I’ve done all right after all.




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