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…seeing ghosts? "If all the guys in the next world look like that," Matsushita said after her close encounter of the ectoplasmic kind, "the afterlife is going to be hot." Somehow, I don't think that's what my Sunday School teacher meant…

Royal Flush

The Sanc royals turned out in force at the gala celebrating Princess Relena's upcoming nuptials to former Gundam pilot Heero Yuy. Her Ladyship gushed with old school pals and showed off her rock to most of Europe's upper crust. Far be it from me to repeat gossip, my deahs, but rumor has it she, not her beau, ordered that trinket from Europe's most exclusive designer and paid for it herself from the royal treasury.

The future Prince Relena stayed close to war buddies Trowa Barton (no relation to the mega-rich Bartons) and Quatre Winner (heir to the multi-mega-rich Winners). All three Gundam boys looked luxe and luscious in their white ties and tails, downing their Dom Perignon and trading post-war stories. Too bad for the ladies (and dudes) eyeing them, those flyboys are off the meat market--pretty permanently, from all appearances. Always the gentleman, the dapper Q.W. tripped the light fantastic with a few of the Princess' chums, but somehow always wound up back at luvvie Barton's side when the music ended. Nice trick, that…

And speaking of luscious luvvies…Prince Milliardo and his sassy S.O. Duo Maxwell turned more than a few heads themselves with their fashionably late arrival at the ball. Be still my heart! The heavenly hunks tried to slip in unnoticed, but this is a couple that stands out in a crowd, lay-dees and gents. The par-tay was in full swing when the heartbreaker Hair Pair sashayed in. Did my eyes deceive me, or did D.M. look just slightly--and deliciously--mussed? And did His Highness look more than slightly satisfied? Whatever their pre-party activities included (and you won't catch moi speculating), once in the public eye, they were the picture of well-behaved romance. Unless you just happened to notice that Prince Mmm never seemed to have both hands above board at the dinner table--and that his totally edible honey blushed and squirmed a time or six during the banquet.

Wonder what the groom thought about all those hormonal hi-jinx, considering the de-lish Duo used to be his b-f? What a tangled web the royal crowd weaves! But if you ask me, and of course you were going to, I think His Royal Hunkness got the better deal. That Maxwell boy is one sex-ay little package.

Cheers to both the royal couples (even though it looks to this unbiased observer like the only common interests the Princess and her gorgeous bro share is a social conscience and a taste for yummy ex-Gundam pilots).

Working 9-to-5

My unnamed studio sources tell me that new office romance pic (c'mon, guy and gal friends, you know which one I mean) is likely to get an NC-17 stamp for some pretty hot-to-trot scenes. Word on the street is that at least one of the actors complained that the script was "too corny"..



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