by Ravensilver


Heero puttered around the living room putting the last touches on the dinner he had prepared especially for Duo. His lover would be coming home from his long undercover mission tonight.

Suddenly there was an icy blast, blasting through the room, blowing out the candles and tumbling the glasses which shattered on the living room floor. Heero spun about, grasping for a weapon he wasn’t wearing.

There, framed in the living room door, the wall behind him visible, there was the ghostly apparition of his lover, still dressed in the torn black combat uniform that he’d been wearing for the end of the mission. A big patch of darker wetness spread over his chest. The hand he held against his chest was spread with dark red blood, the other stretched out towards his trembling and aghast lover.

Heero looked into Duo’s regretful face and read his last words on his lips: “I love you. “ Then the apparition disappeared.

When they came to give him the news the next morning, all they found was the cooling corpse of Heero Yuy, the discharged gun still clutched in his right hand.


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