by Maldoror


Chapter Twenty-Two: Indiscretions 4 -- Two Views On One Conversation

That could have gone better...

Heero hesitated to follow Shenlong's pilot. He didn't know where Chang was headed but... he replayed the conversation in his head, and then tried to extrapolate further discussions. He decided he needed to think about this and walked off into the woods in the opposite direction, back towards the Gundams.

Heero thought about the problem for a few minutes while he walked, working unfamiliar parameters in his mind before realizing he was hopelessly out of his depths.

I give up...

His designers had never intended him to be part of a team. He wasn't equipped to deal with this type of discussion. He wanted to keep his relation with Duo discrete - particularly in view of Chang's reaction - but something would have to be said to pilot 05 to defuse this situation. He didn't know what though.

Duo... first, he had to warn Duo to watch himself around Chang for a little while, the pilot had appeared quite furious. Then when he'd calmed down, maybe Duo could find one of his strange plans to explain all this to Chang without him further misinterpreting. Duo was the communicator. Heero thought glumly that his skills would certainly be put to the test in this case. To recover from Heero's slip-up, the cause of all this... the perfect soldier scowled at himself in dark anger.


Duo, entering the house, glanced back at the door just as it closed behind him. He could have sworn he'd heard someone call his name. He glanced through the door's pane at the yard outside. No one there, maybe it'd come from within the house? It sounded like Wuffers.

Ah yeah, there was Wuffee coming out of the shed. Man he looked mad. What have I done now, Duo mused.

What... Heero? Duo stared as Shenlong's pilot grabbed Heero 'Touch Me And I'll Kill You' Yuy by the shoulders. He continued to stare as Heero failed to retaliate violently. Whatever they were talking about looked intense. He could swear he heard his own name again. He could read Heero very well by now and he looked upset! Duo, his head spinning, belatedly cracked the door open. Words drifted across the yard.

"... sleep with him! You let him- Why, Heero? Why won't you let me-! Together we could -... I can't believe you chose *him*-... ! He doesn't appreciate the honour you do him! Not the way I would!"

The distinct clonk that punctuated that conversation was the sound of Duo's jaw hitting the floor.

He stared in disbelief as Heero, who could blow up an Oz base without batting an eyelid, hesitated, looking perplexed and embarrassed.

"I'm sorry for my outburst, I... feel strongly about this. If you ever need... I've said enough. Think about it."

Duo stared blindly at Wufei's back disappearing out into the woods. He belatedly picked up his jaw, slotted it back into place, and glanced at Heero. Who was chewing his lip and glaring after Wufei. Before he could pop out to ask his lover what the hell that conversation was about - because it sure couldn't be what he thought it was about - Heero had spun on his heels and marched off as well. In a different direction to Wufei, Duo noticed with a relief he was almost ashamed of. But also in the direction of Wing, and considering what had happened earlier... Duo would wait for him to get back before he asked Heero what was going on.

But as he plopped down on the couch, waiting for his lover impatiently, eyes blindly flitting over some magazine or other on the coffee table, the overheard words echoed in his mind. Wufei had apparently found out about him and Heero. How? It could only be through the most careful scrutiny - even the empath Quatre was oblivious to their relation! - and, well, he could only think of one reason for the retiring pilot of Shenlong to keep such close tabs on them... And the overheard conversation started making a lot more sense... He stared unseeing at an ad for the perfect baby food thinking, 'Wufei... I'll be damned... who would have thought... '


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